Andy Gilchrist - Fashion Authority and author of "The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes"

Andy Gilchrist ordered a custom shirt from Fit Custom Shirts as a secret shopper in February 2011. He published the comments on forum which happened to be the most popular thread on his website. A copy of Andy's comments is given below

Great shirt from

I got an e-mail from Fit Custom Shirts recently with a special offer for a custom shirt. I tried them out. I received the shirt and am very pleased with it. The order process was easy with a large selection of design elements from which to choose. I picked a Blue/Maroon/White 100% imported "Deluxe" Cotton fabric. It's a very soft fabric.

The pattern is a check with those three colors plus tan. Maybe a little too much pattern for a dress shirt, but I'm sure I can find a necktie that would work with a sport jacket. I also like, and chose, the pattern to use as a dress shirt.

Seven front buttons on the front placket, removable collar stays, single needle tailoring, and for the cuff I chose an angled two button. Total value was $99.50. But wait there is a Special for AskAndy Members!!

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Andy also posted our conversation with him, as given below

Just to share some details with you, although our website is relatively new, we have been perfecting the art and science of internet based custom clothing for almost a decade now. It is not a coincidence that we were able to stitch a shirt that perfectly fits you just by asking your weight, body type, sleeve size and neck size. Based on our experience of stitching custom shirts over the past few years, we have devised scientific formulas to calculate detailed measurements as the human body is predictably proportional. Our pattern makers, tailors, finishers and QA people go through a rigorous process of blue-penciling and redundant quality inspection to craft each and every shirt.

In today's the consumers are conditioned to fit their non-standard bodies into standard off-the-shelf clothing for a "least bad" fit. However, as we (and other companies like us) bring the cost of custom clothing down to the level of ready to wear clothes, we believe that the masses will automatically gravitate towards custom clothing for the joy of a "perfect fit".

Now we have offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Dubai. Our manufacturing facilities are in Lahore, Pakistan. We have been stitching custom fit clothes for other retailers in the United States for several years. Now by cutting out all the middle men, we are determined to bring the finesse of custom clothing to the general public at extremely affordable prices.

You will see some exciting new options and features on our website over the coming weeks and months. We are also working on an iPhone app where our goal is to determine the clothing measurements of an individual through the lens of the phone camera.