Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Collar might be seen as a small detail, but it holds quite much of importance in dress shirt's overall look. It acts as a frame for men's face and accentuates the best features while downplaying those you do not want to highlight. The collar always remains visible regardless of the type of tie, blazer, sports jacket or sweater. Another importance of collar is that it is located right below the face of the wearer. It is in our nature to mostly focus on the face of other men, as it is the most important part of body.

Different men have different types of facial features; some are slim and narrow while others are big and round. To accentuate your best facial features it is necessary to adopt perfect type of collar. Here we are going to discuss the spread collar that is mostly used by men with slim faces of head. As the collar name suggests, its collar points spread sideways making the collar area feel broad. The Prince Edward, who also invented the Windsor knot, first introduced the spread collar. Later the trend of spread collar just vanished until the past decade. Gradually, the spread collars make their way in to men fashion; currently spread collar dress shirts with French cuffs are considered the most fashionable shirts.

Who can wear Spread Collar?

Spread collar dress shirts are gaining a lot of popularity these days, but not all men should wear spread collar shirts. Thin men or men with thin faces are best suitors for a spread collar. The horizontality of the collar balances against the naturally accentuated vertical lines of the face. That is why thin faced men should avoid narrow-point collars as they will bring out more verticality and will negatively emphasize their thinness.

Spread Collar Variations

Spread collar also have various variations regarding the spread of the collar points. A less spread collar points are known as medium spread collars, while a collar with more distance between collar points is called wide spread collar. In this kind of spread, the collar points almost face towards shoulders rather than downwards.