Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Spread collar dress shirt is a popular style among men, it is also known as cutaway collar. If you are planning to experience a new style of dress shirt then spread collar can certainly full fill your fashion need. Spread collars are perfect if you are planning to reveal more upper area of your dress shirt and have a larger knot like, the Windsor.

As the name suggests, spread collar have wider distance between the collar points than usual. Both the points of collar are away from each other making the top collar button and adjacent area quite visible. Spread collar has long been a favorite of well-dressed men. However, spread collar dress shirt is not appropriate for all men. Only men with thin face should wear this collar as it projects the image of normal face. The horizontal shape of spread collar balances the thin shape of men.

Men with large face or large men should never opt for spread collar, as it will project them further fat. On other hand, thin-faced men should never opt narrow point collar, as it will make their face look further thin and small, they should wear spread or cut away collar.

There are several types of spread collar and each type has special place and importance beneath certain men's faces, let us give them a brief view.

Wide spread collar

In wide spread the distance is quite big while both points facing back towards shoulders. With spread collar dress shirt always try to wear a tie with wider or double knot as single knot tie will look odd with spread collar.

English spread collar

In English spread, the distance between the points is standard. The spread of this collar type is not so wide and have medium spread. This collar can be worn by men with all shapes of face.

Modified spread collar

As its name suggests, modified spread collar is adjusted according to the need of user. Wearer can choose to it wide or narrow.

Narrow spread collar

Narrow spread collar has the minimum spread. It is a little wider than the pointed collars. In spread family, this collar comes at first in terms of its spread.

Semi spread collar

Semi spread collar have blend of both pointed collars and spread collars. This collar gives the look of spread while also adhering itself to pointed ones. Opting for semi spread collar is a smart choice for people needing different style.

Cutaway spread collar

Cutaway spread collar have the most spread. Its collar point totally goes backwards towards shoulders. It creates the maximum distance between both the collar points.

Windsor spread collar

Windsor spread collar is another type of spread family. This collar is generally worn with Windsor knot tie. The Windsor spread collar also have quite wide spread like cutaway spread collar but the length of collar is smaller than the cutaway.

At Fit Custom Shirts you can also explore the section of Classic Spread collar dress shirts, as its names suggests this collar is in fashion for almost hundred years now. Several Hollywood A list celebrities and British Royals wear this collar. Classic Spread collar dress shirts certainly represent your exquisite choice and fine taste in dressing. If you think you have a thin face then Classic Spread collar dress shirts is what you need in your wardrobe. Get your Classic Spread collar dress shirts and share your fashion sense with Douglas Fairbanks, Prince Charles and The Duke of Windsor.

Fit custom shirts offer you Classic Spread collar dress shirts in two deviations; the Curved Spread collar dress shirts and Wide Spread collar dress shirts. With a three and a half inches increase by the length of collar point, this spread looks fabulous. Wearing a Spread collar dress shirt always make you stand out from the crowd. With a noticeable spread and superb fitting, fit custom shirts provide you with an excellent Spread collar dress shirts experience.