Custom slim fit shirts for men

Every man's first question to the local shopkeeper is usually about the availability of latest fashioned slim fit shirts that can fit the body extremely well. All these men have to face the dismay, as the reply is always NO. If you are one of these men who want slim fit shirts in new designs and colors and looking for best quality, then FCS can fulfill all your needs of new fashion. We never say NO to your request, we simply do it.

As good as branded shirts

These days there is a big misconception that only branded shirts can provide you the desired elegance. However, the truth is that any shirt making company can do the same if it is equipped with state of the art machines, high quality fabric and experienced tailors. There will not be any difference between slim dress shirts or any branded dress shirt because our tailors are equally good and have a neat hand at stitching. We do not want to say big words but we have one of the finest tailors at our facility who have spent countless years in stitching trendy and stylish dress shirts.

We require complete measurements so we can stitch the shirt to the best of our capabilities. We also offer free trials, and adjustments made. As all the slim fit shirts are customized, we provide individual attention to each of our client. We start their work from scratch and make into a fine slim fit shirts, which is appealing to the eye. This requires a little of your time in giving us the right measurements and we spend quality time in making the very best for you.

Efficient delivery service

The delivery time taken is between 10 days to 15 working days. Though we have emergency orders as well, which we deliver in 6 working days but that is with a little extra charge. Otherwise, delivery cost is included in the shirt price. The minimum orders to be placed are of two slim shirts. Now you can enjoy a new wardrobe that will give you a new look in half the amount you have spent on loose fit shirts that did not even make you look good. Therefore, you can place your order now and get prepared for all the attention.