How to wear dress shirt

All of us know this fact that there is no universal way of wearing dress shirt. However, in office there are some dress codes and ethics, which must be followed all the time. Corporate environments usually do not tolerate fashion deviations in employees. There are certain tips that should be kept in mind while dressing up a dress shirt.

First, your dress shirt sleeves must not be rolled up in hectic hours of the job or in intense heat. Never in office premise fold up your sleeves as it shows the employer that you are fed up with your work, which might hamper your future assessments. In summer season, try to wear cotton undershirt, which will cool you and will absorb sweat.

Secondly, cuffs and plackets of a dress shirt are meant to be fully buttoned up. Buttoned cuffs look great and give the user snug fit on the wrist. Besides, buttons also secure the cuff when sticks out of the suit. Placket should also be fully buttoned up with a tie and leave collar button open without a tie. Front button, if left unbuttoned give a real bad impression to employer and you might end up in getting a warning. For special events, you can also opt for neckties or bowties.

Thirdly, your dress shirt should be tucked in all the times. Shirt tails are only designed for this purpose that shirt never comes out itself in daily activities. It is totally immoral and unethical to wear a shirt tucked out. Well-dressed people are always appreciated in office and social environments. Therefore, always remain conscious about your dressing.

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