Tips to wash dress shirts

If you are not one of those persons who plan to buy new shirts once in six months, then learning how to wash dress shirts is must for you. Getting shirts dry-cleaned is not the best way to clean the shirt. The chemicals and starch used in dry cleaning process damage the shirt fabric and some times cause yellow tint. If you do plan to send your dress shirt for dry cleaning then do ask them to launder the shirt rather than dry cleaning or advise them to use less chemicals and starch.

The best way is to first read the tag, if it is mentioned that the shirt is dry clean only then you should only opt dry-cleaning. If there is no such instructions then look for other home laundry instructions. Shirts with light colors often have instruction of wash with light colors. Whether there is any instruction or not try to be precautious all the time and wash all light colors together keeping dark colors separate. It is better to inspect the shirts for stains before washing. Use stain remover first and remove all the stains. While using dryer try not to fully dry the shirts to prevent shrinkage.

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