Tuxedo Shirt

Tuxedos have been a staple of men's formal wear for generations. When shopping for a tuxedo ensemble, one soon realizes that a tuxedo is a lot more than just a fancy jacket and trousers. Tuxedo shirts and accessories also play an integral role in a proper tuxedo package. When wearing a tuxedo, not just any old shirt will do. One must take care to pick a shirt that is specifically made for wear with a tuxedo ensemble.

Tuxedo is normally worn with a bow tie, with the wings of the collar creating a backdrop that enhances the appearance of the tie. The most notable difference in tuxedo shirts is the different collar types, but tuxedo shirts also come in different materials and shirt fronts as well. The most common shirt front featured on tuxedo shirts is the pleated shirt front.

These shirts generally feature quarter-inch pleats running down the front of the shirt. These pleats are what set the lay-down collar tuxedo shirts apart from your everyday button-down shirt. However, pleated shirt fronts are not the only texture or appearance available in today's tuxedo shirts. Men can also choose from pique tuxedo shirts and pin whale tuxedo shirts.

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