Tuxedo shirt studs how to

Tuxedo studs add a little more spice to the style you have already opted. Like cufflinks, tuxedo studs are also a desirable touch that makes the overall appearance more elegant. To wear tuxedo studs, you only need a bit more care to place and secure it properly on dress shirt.

To have a tuxedo studs, wear the tuxedo shirt and let it open from the front. Now slide the hem of tuxedo stud through the buttonhole of upper placket. The small hook on the stem of stud will fit around the relevant button. When the hook is effectively fixed around the option, the two front side sections of the clothing will lay smooth, without any overall look of a gap.

Then button the front of shirt with inner holes, then slide the tux stud through the outer hole and place the loop around stem and button. Continue this until the outer row of holes is fastened with tuxedo studs. Remember there are different kinds of tuxedo shirts, which means their buttonhole specification might differ. First check that the tuxedo studs you have are made for that particular tuxedo shirt or not.

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