Tips for tucking in dress shirts

Almost all men tuck in their dress shirts but most of them do not exactly know how to properly tuck in the shirt. Properly tucked shirts make a huge impact on physical appearance. To look great on interviews, office, dates and weddings properly tucked in shirt is a must. Dress shirts leave disheveled and sloppy look; most of times, the shirt puffs on the side pops out and looks really pathetic. Men should always avoid wearing shirts that have puffs on sides, as it puts men back in fashion's aesthetic sense. There is always a formal way of doing anything, same goes for tucking in your shirt. The following tips will help men to dress better while having a dress shirt with perfect setting.

This kind of hectic setting is only needed in ready-made shirts. However, in custom dress shirts there is no need to do the setting as custom shirts are stitched according to your exact body shapes and sizes.

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