Tall stiff collar dress shirts

All of us are now familiar of the fact that men of this age are more fashion conscious than ever. They are always in search of latest fashion trends and adopt them as soon as they hit the runway. In previous years the trend of being casual has got immense popularity. Every man seen on street was having casual clothes. However, in past two years, the fashion world has shifted its poles and the weight is on formal dressing. Now men related to any field try to rock the floor by opting different styles in formal clothing.

Surging trend of Tall Stiff collar shirts

In formal clothing, dress shirts are considered as the main thing. With the help of online custom shirt makers, now men are able to get different variety of designs and styles in shirts attributes. Before the trend of custom dress shirts, men were forced to purchase and wear that old styled and ill fitted ready-made dress shirt. Among other styles and designs, tall stiff collar dress shirts are also one of them. This trend just takes the surge when some of the renowned celebrities showed up in different events in dress shirts with tall and stiff collars. Their collarbones and base types were of higher length that makes most portion of the collar clearly visible in double-breasted suits.

Now most of the men prefer opting formal dress in little bit of casualness like dress pant, suit and tall stiff collar dress shirt without tie while keeping the upper button open. Apparently this style look normal but if one have opted customized shirt, suit and pant then the wearer will look awesome. Actually, the tall and stiff collar makes a perfect personality of wearer while giving him the edge of being stylish.

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