Striped Dress Shirts

To express yourself more than with just solid colors, but do not like bold patterns, in such circumstances, stripes are the best option. From the very beginning, stripes have been a popular trend as it allows the wearer to remain conservative while excluding himself from masses. There are different kinds of stripes fabrics available but the most famous stripped dressed shirts have the following types.

Vertical and Horizontal

There are two fundamental types of stripes: Vertical stripes and horizontal stripes. Opting for horizontal stripesis not advised that is also generally not found in dress shirts. However, vertical stripes are quite famous in dress shirts. Vertical striped dress shirts make men look longer and slimmer. While horizontal stripes makes men look fat and somewhat shorter. So choose wisely according to your body shape.

Thin and Thick

Adhering yourself to thin vertical stripes is the best option as wide stripes do not look stylish. If you are wearing stripped shirt with stripped pant, then make sure that their stripes are of different thickness. Thick stripes are generally neither available in variety nor in quantity. So opting for thin vertical stripes is the best bet for the men.

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