Tips of removing dress shirt stains

All of us, in our daily lives do different kind of activities. In some of the activities, we often end up in getting some kind of stains on our dress shirt, pant, tie or coat. Well, it is not something unusual as it is natural and happens with all of us. It is better for all of us to have a little knowhow about on how to remove stains as this will help us to save our precious wardrobe items.

When your shirt gets any kind of stain, the first step is to act quickly. The stains will get harder to remove if you wait long enough. However, instantly start removing stains without thinking anything is also not advised. You would need to know some important things before removing stains. Rubbing and smearing the fabric will make stains worse; stains are treated by blotting. The correct way of blotting is to start from outer parts of stain and work your way inwards to the center. The following procedure ensures that the stain do not spread further.

  1. The cloth you use for blotting should not be colored and make sure that you remove the stain from white washcloth
  2. When the stain actually happens, the first thing you should probably do is to remove the excess materials from a knife, which will prevent the stain from spreading. If it is an oil stain, coat the area with cornstarch for 15 minutes and remove it with the knife
  3. Wet the cloth with cold water and start blotting the stain from outside towards the center.
  4. After this step the stain will be lighten, then you will need to determine the stain and figure out what kind of removal product would be needed to totally remove it. Mostly, enzyme detergent is used to remove protein based stains
  5. For stains like of tomato, hydrogen peroxide is generally used. It is wise to check the shirt label or tag before using any stain removal product
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