Spread collar dress shirts

As the name suggests, spread collar have wider distance between the collar points than usual. Both the points of collar are away from each other making the top collar button and adjacent area quite visible. Spread collar has long been a favorite of well-dressed men. However, spread collar dress shirt is not appropriate for all men. Only men with thin face should wear this collar as it projects the image of normal face. The horizontal shape of spread collar balances the thin shape of men.

Men with large face or large men should never opt for spread collar, as it will project them further fat. On other hand, thin-faced men should never opt narrow point collar, as it will make their face look further thin and small, they should wear spread or cut away collar.

The spread collar have further two types, the medium spread and wide spread. Each type has special place and importance beneath certain men's faces. In medium spread the distance between the points is standard while in wide spread the distance is quite big while both points facing back towards shoulders. With spread collar dress shirt always try to wear a tie with wider or double knot as single knot tie will look odd with spread collar.

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