Single Needle Stitching

Buying a high quality fabric is does not assure you the high quality of dress shirt. To ensure high quality of dress shirt, you have to make sure that every process of the dress shirt manufacturing is carried through the proper way with experienced and trained tailors on state of the art machines. To ensure seamless and finest stitching, Fit Custom Shirts use single needle stitching.

The single needle stitching is difficult and more time consuming but it provides each seam with twice the strength of a standard seam. With our single needle stitching, we normally use 17 to 20 stitches per inch for extra strength; this makes the whole stitching process three times longer. With all this effort, we achieve a dress shirt with flattered seam that gives more comfort to the user.

A dress shirt stitched with single needle also looks strikingly nice and sophisticated while giving wearer the rare elite grace. Besides, the single needle stitched dress shirt also have strong seam which are far more durable than conventional seams.

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