Tips to remove dress shirt tags

We scarcely find any dress shirt without a tag or tags. These tags on shirts do have importance as they contain instruction about its care, fabric or size. Over the passage of time when you have learned the instructions, tags becomes nuisance for the wearer. Tags generally irritate or poke the wearer, and you might be wondering to remove it. Well, you have decided quite right as there is no importance of tags in your shirt.

There is only one procedure for tag removal, cut it with pair of scissors. Cutting the tag is not an easy task either, if you do it without care, you might damage the shirt unintentionally. Take a small pair of scissors with pointed end, grab the tag and cut the extra big piece of it leaving behind little bit of tag stitched with shirt. To fully remove the tag, start cutting the stitching from one end of tag. Carefully cut the threads as you might unintentionally cut the shirt fabric. To easily cut stitching, hold and fold the tag to expose the threads. Now slowly work your way up to the other end of tag while gradually pulling the tag upwards and remove it. Practicing the cutting on any extra cloth might help you to cut the tag easily.

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