Tips for removing lint from shirts

Lint is an unavoidable thing as in your wardrobe there would be many dress shirts with lint all over them. No matter how well you care for them, they will attract lint. In this world, there is always a solution to any problem. The easiest, most effective and commonly used method is to use a lint roller. The other method is to use a tape by manually rolling it. To use the tape, wrap it around your fingers and roll it across the shirt until the tape losses its stickiness. Only use tape with more sticking power. Lint roller is also the same thing but is a little more sophisticated and have handle.

The above-mentioned methods are for light lint, if you feel that the lint is not going to peel off with tape or lint roller then it is advised to use lint shaver or a single blade razor. Lint shavers are of average size of regular facial hair shaver and are battery powered. All you have to do is to smoothly move it along the surface of your shirt and all hard lint will be easily removed. If you do not have lint shaver, you can proceed with single blade razor. Be extra careful while using single blade razor, do not press it too hard or you will cut and damage the shirt.

When doing all this cleaning process, make sure that you have placed the shirt on a clean and plain surface, so that shirt do not catch more dust and lint. If you machine dry your clothes, make sure to clean lint filter every now and then.

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