Remove candle wax from dress shirt

Removing candle wax from the dress shirt is not a difficult task as there are many ways to remove it. When the candle wax drops on your shirt, let it dry and remove the excess wax from knife. Some removing methods require low temperatures while others require high temperatures. Using high temperature method includes rubbing the ice cube on the wax, so the wax becomes solid hard and then scrub it with some pointed thing.

To remove the remaining wax, you will need to use low temperature. Take a teakettle or some bowl, which can easily contain boiling hot water then stretch the affected area of shirt right over in the middle of bowl. Make the water reach boiling level, lower and dip the affected area in boiling water. Now the wax will melt away in the water.

Another method to remove the candle wax is to take some paper bags, put the bags on the affected area of the shirt and start ironing the paper bag. Remember never turn the iron on its full temperature or it will burn the paper bag and will make further stains on the shirt. The paper bag will absorb the wax, replace the paper and repeat the process until the wax is gone.

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