Poplin Fabric - Poplin Dress shirts

Poplin is also known as tabinet and is a strong fabric in plain weave. It has corded surface due to crosswire ribs and can be of any fiber or blend. Poplin is a medium to heavy weight fabric mostly made up of cotton or cotton-polyester blend. The name poplin is derived from French fabric Papelaine made up of silk, used in 14th century. Until the end of 20th century, the major usage of poplin was to make silk or heavy wool dresses suitable for winter wear.

Poplin in early days was made by silk warp and worsted yarn weft, which resulted in sturdy fabric with noticeable ridges. These days it is produced from various fibers like wool, cotton, silk, rayon, or any other blend. Poplin is also used for upholstery work as its final product gives luxurious look.

In recent years, poplin has evolved in dress shirts and other garments. Medical uniforms are specially made of poplin with cotton and polyester blend. Today poplin is heavily used in dress shirts and pants in softer or heavier cotton grades. Its manufacturing process helps it not to wrinkle easily and is kind of water and stain resistant. These days both men and women opt poplin dress shirts, which are soft and exhibit shine.

Pure cotton poplin dress shirt

These days in market there are different varieties of poplin dress shirts available, depending on its blend and quality. Pure 100 percent cotton poplin dress shirt with high thread count is considered as one of the most expensive shirts. But the high price spent surly reflects the high end quality and people do adore the high quality. Pure cotton poplin dress shirts are very soft and smooth with sturdy material, which needs less care and are also wrinkle resistant. Poplin dress shirt with cotton and polyester blend is less expensive as compared to pure cotton but still it looks great and reflects quality.

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