Pinpoint dress shirt

Oxford cotton was first manufactured in late 19th century. Pinpoint fabric, also referred as pinpoint-oxford is a very popular type of fabric, mainly used in dress shirts. The fabric is both durable and dressy with a nice shine unlike broadcloth. Pinpoint is heavily worn on formal and casual occasions. Pinpoint is known for its subtle texture and the custom dress shirt made of pinpoint is lighter than the oxford.

Difference Between pinpoint and oxford fabrics

Some people confuse pinpoint and oxford as the same material, but in actual there is lot of difference when both fabrics are compared together. Although pinpoint and oxford are woven with threads in the same manner but pinpoint is lighter, have higher thread count with finer weave than oxford. Oxford fabric is thick and sturdy that makes it lasts longer. Firstly, fabrics with higher thread count always have higher quality and are softer in touch. Secondly, the softness of the shirt also lies in its weight, a pinpoint dress shirt with 100s, weight are lighter than 40s weight of oxford.

In formal occasions, pinpoint is always preferred as it has smoothness and shininess that is liked by everyone. One of the most high quality shirts available in industry is of pinpoint fabric, which has two-ply with 120s weight and high thread count. To maximize the durability of pinpoint fabric, it can also be combined with synthetic blend. However, the ability of pinpoint to wrinkle easily forces many men to prefer oxford shirt. Still many men prefer pinpoint dress shirt due to its lightweight, finest and smooth texture and subtle shine.

Care for Pinpoint Shirts

Pinpoint dress shirt can be machine-washed but with cold or mild luke water. Warm or hot water can damage the fibers of the dress shirt. it can also be easily ironed and steamed at home but do not forget to adjust the temperature of iron. Like always it is advised to avoid dry cleaning unless direly required.

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