Pinned Collar Shirts

Pinned collar is one of the most formal collar styles for dress shirt. The special thing about a pinned collar is that it utilizes a pin in the collar tabs behind the knot of tie. Pin in the pinned collar is one of the most stylish pieces in men’s jewelry. There are two main purposes of pinned collar: in first place the pin will bring the collar tabs closer for the unique and decorative look. Secondly, pin behind knot of tie will make tie more prominent.

There are three pin styles in pinned collar. The first style is of safety pin, you simply need to push out the pointed sides, push the safety pin through the collar tabs, and secure it. With this simple safety pin the wearer achieve highly elegant look.

The second style is dumbbell pin collar. The pin in this style looks like a miniature dumbbell. One end of pin has fine threads and this style works in the same way as safety pin style does. However, in dumbbell style the tabs of collar needs metal lined holes because end of pin is blunted.

The third style is called clip style collar pin and its style is unlike the other two. In this clip style, the collar pin holds the edges of tabs and pulls them together towards each other. All the wearer has to do is to attach one end on tab, pull it to center then pull the other tab and attach the collar pin. It can be said without any doubt that pinned collar adds a subtle touch of style and elegance that other collars lack. Dress shirts can gain elegance with dignity in pinned collar.

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