Pink dress shirt white collar

Thanks to designers who have helped men to evolve in fashion and style. The old concept of pink color, being associated with women only and men with pink color were considered inappropriate and a social taboo. However today, the old norms have been changed, men and women have adopted and accepted the things previously associated with the vice versa.

The previous characteristics of pink color associated with men as less masculine have now changed to become an attribute of male gender's sensitive side. Now men wearing dress shirts of pink color are considered emotional and stylish.

These days, wearing a contrast collar and cuffs dress shirt is considered as symbol of professionalism and humbleness. Wearing a pink dress shirt with white collar and cuffs gives the wearer a striking stylish look. The pink color tones range from bright hue to a more subtle finish. Solid pink dress shirts white collar are slightly bolder than the stripped pink dress shirt white collar. Having a pinstripe pink dress shirt white collar is a great addition in men's official wardrobe. For an additional formal and more approachable shirt opt for baby pink dress shirt white collar.

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