Olive Dress Shirts

Olive is the dark shade of yellow or chartreuse. This color is unexpectedly old; its track goes back to Middle English as kings and queens used it. This color is however not been remained popular in past ages but as the current era is distinguished with adopting untraditional things, so choosing olive color for dress shirt is a good option.

Usually in official environments, it is very rare that you will find olive color dress shirt. You can take this as your advantage by wearing a perfect custom dress shirt in olive color. This will make you stand apart from the crowd of traditional blue and white colors. With olive dress shirt, one can gain the right kind of attraction from bosses and other people due to the rarity of this color.

Olive color looks great with dark colored pants like black and grey. One can also wear this color with ecru or cream colored pants. For weddings, parties or hangout with friends, olive dress shirt can be good option as it makes the wearer look sophisticated and friendly at same time.

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