Odd size dress shirts

God has made every human being with unique body shape and physique. Most common body sizes can be categorized as standard, athletic, short, big and tall. However, there are innumerable people who do not fall in these categories and have odd body shapes. They always feel discontentment while buying readymade clothing especially dress shirts. This is because of the reason that dress shirt should adequately fit on the wearer but the people with odd body shape do not fit in readymade shirts, so they need odd sized shirts for accurate fitting.

Custom made shirts are the only solution for the odd body sizes because in custom stitching, the tailor takes the measurements and cut a special pattern according to the specific sizes. In custom dress shirts, the tailor not only takes sleeve and neck measurements but he also takes care of biceps, chest, waist, shoulder, overall height and weight. These measurements help the tailor to cut an exact pattern that may fit accurately on the desired body.

Big and tall men

Big and tall men usually find it extremely difficult to get a dress shirt of their size. Either men are too big that even XXL size does not fit on them or they are too tall that all shirts looks small in front of them. Even the made to measure shirts does not fit on them as the manufacturers have pre-cut patterns and no matter what tailors do, they cannot stitch a perfect shirt for tall and big men. Custom dress shirts come for recue of these men as custom dress shirts have specialty in odd sized dress shirts. There are no predefined patterns in custom shirts, the cutting, and stitching is done from scratch, which gives tailors room for stitching a perfect odd sized shirt for odd sized men.

Short men

Like there are big and tall men, on other hand there are short men, who also find it extremely difficult to get a shirt of their size. In local stores, it is simply impossible to get shirt for shorter men as local stores have standard sizes. Custom dress shirts manufacturers on other hand do understand the situation and stitch perfect shirts for short men. Actually, the concept of custom dress shirts is to offer odd sized dress shirts for people with odd body physiques.

Plus size dress shirts

Stitching a dress shirt for an average size man is not a big deal. However, manufacturing dress shirts of plus size is surly is. Men of huge stature never find an appropriate size for themselves in local stores. These men always have the difficulty of finding right size of dress shirt because the readymade garment industry produces sizes for average people, which generally includes small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Some of the men are either too fat or too tall to fit in these predefined dress shirt sizes. Clothing items for men of odd body size, falls under plus size dress shirts.

Only custom dress shirt maker stitch plus size dress shirts. Custom shirt makers stitch every order from paper sketch and then cut the piece accordingly. Every order is unique to its kind without pre cut patterns. No matter how huge or fat you are, you can simply get right plus size dress shirt size for yourself from shirt makers like Fit Custom Shirts.

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