Moisture wicking dress shirts

In warm climates or in summer season the main problem faced by most of the men is that their dress shirts soak in sweat and moisture. The fabrics they wear have no or minimum moisture absorbing capacity. Apparently, it does not seem to be a big problem but it creates a lot of discomfort for the wearer. Let us differentiate between the moisture absorbing materials and moisture wicking materials. Moisture absorbing fabrics have high and quick capacity to absorb moisture but dries quite slowly. On the other hand, moisture wicking fabrics have normal absorbency capacity but they dry real quickly.

In summer season, if your work allows you to get soaking wet with moisture or sweat then opting for moisture absorbing fabrics is the good option. However, if you have a white-collar job and will not sweat too much then opting for moisture wicking dress shirt will be the best bet.

The benefit of moisture wicking dress shirts is that you do not need to remove and squeeze it or sit right in front of fan to get your shirt dry like in fabrics with high absorbing capacity. In moisture wicking shirts, a little air will get the shirt dry in no time. The ability of drying instantly is the best property of moisture wicking dress shirts.

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