Button down shirts

Button down collar dress shirts are those shirts in which the collar points are stitched down with the buttons. The wearer can button and unbutton them easily. The collar's inner material is usually soft and can easily bend unlike other dress shirts collars. Usually men are confused about the button down dress shirts that whether it should be worn in offices, weddings, parties or get-togethers. Before going any further, we should first clear our readers' minds by going back to its history.

Back in times, when Polo was considered as the main sports event in United States. Its players were given special attention and many brands and clothing items found their way out from this game. While playing Polo, the ridding and jumping on the horse causes players' shirt collars to get on their faces. This caused distraction from the game and players lose focus and sometimes potential scores got missed only due to the distraction caused by collars. They decided to button down the collar points to the shirt, while also keeping the collar's material soft for the ease of neck movement. Therefore, a button down dress shirt is actually made for sports with its collar points buttoned down.

From its history, we can easily guess that button down shirts are least formal dress shirts. Now do not take me wrong while assuming that one can only wear a button down shirt unless he is ridding a horse. Indeed, button down dress shirts adds a perfect variety in men's wardrobe. Other dress shirts are designed for formal business wear while button down is designed to be worn on several occasions.

Wearing button down as office ware

Wearing men's button down dress shirt depends on the working environment of your office. People who work in financial or law firms simply cannot think about wearing a button down shirt, as they have to adhere to strict formal dress codes. For jobs in which the employees do not have to deal with customers, have flexible dress codes. In these kinds of working environments, men can wear button down shirts easily and adopt unique styling options. With button down dress shirts, men can almost wear anything. You can look awesome by wearing a light color button down dress shirt with cotton or khaki trouser and black polished shoes. You can add further style by wearing a sports jacket with contrast to shirt color.

Wearing button down as casual ware

There are many people who prefer not to wear T-shirts mostly or not at all. For these people, button down dress shirt is an excellent option. Button down shirts can be worn at almost all situations, whether it is a friend's party, birthday or you going out with wife or girlfriend. You can also be on holiday and planning for a picnic, in all of the situations, button down dress shirt is the best bet you have got. If you have perfect aesthetic sense, you can rock the floor by adopting different styles with button down shirts. Men can wear jeans, khakis and trousers with dress shoes, leather shoes or casuals, all with button down shirts.

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