Make a dress shirt wrinkle free

The best and most effective way of removing wrinkles from a dress shirt is to iron it properly while keeping the iron temperature according to the fabric type. Ironing no doubt is the easiest way; however, there are two other options as well to remove wrinkles from a shirt.

Many a times it happens with every one of us to travel and it is totally impractical to carry an iron as a part of luggage. When iron is not around then the first method of removing wrinkles is to give steam and heat to the shirt. This can be achieved by hanging the shirt as close to shower as you can without letting it get wet. Turn on the shower on full hot and close the door for 10 to 15 minutes. The steam and heat will remove the wrinkles on its own; you might also need to smooth the wrinkles by stretching the fabric or by the use of damp cloth. In most cases wrinkles come out in first try, but in strong wrinkles you may need to give shirt another 15 minutes in hot shower. When all the wrinkles or most of the wrinkles are gone, place the shirt carefully and let it cool and dry. When it is dried then you can wear it like a newly ironed shirt.

The second method used to remove wrinkles is to use dryer. Either slightly dampen your dress shirt or use a damp cloth. The best way is to hang the shirt, dampen the wrinkle-affected area, turn the hair dryer at full hot and dry the shirt while pulling the fabric tight. This will remove all major wrinkles from affected area and you shirt will look like newly ironed shirt.

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