Tips for hanging dress shirts

Always remember that dress shirts are one of the most important apparel of men's wardrobe and its care should not be taken lightly as it hampers the shirt's life. Without proper hanging, the shirts deforms in quite less period. If proper hanging care is taken then dress shirts degrade gracefully over long period of time. Men are used to keep ironed shirts lying down or folded; instead, shirts should be immediately hung after ironing. In this way, the shirts will maintain their crease and have no wrinkles.

Another problem that most of men's wardrobe has is they have no proper hangers. Wire hangers are totally inappropriate for dress shirts as they are very sleek and can not accommodate shirts properly. The best way is to use wider hangers such as wooden hangers, which have broad shoulder stands and help shirts to keep their ironed shape. Make sure that hangers do not have any pointed edges, which will damage the shirt fabric.

Best way to hang the shirt is to first unbutton the top buttons of placket and carefully place the hanger inside the shirt. Then hang the shirt carefully in wardrobe keeping good distance between different clothes. Finally, after hanging, adjust the folded areas which will create wrinkles after some time. In this way, the shirts will keep their ironed position and will look freshly ironed when used.

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