Learn how cuff-links work

Cuff-link is a decorative fastener worn by men and women to fasten their cuffs of a dress shirt. Originally, cuff links were worn by rich and wealthy people but with the passage of time, cuff-links started to get popularity and now worn by every layman. One of the main reasons of cuff-links huge popularity is extensive use of French cuff dress shirts. Now cuff links are considered as one of the most important decorative accessories for men's clothing. Started from 17th century as silk ribbons but eventually progressed as cufflinks and turn out as a preliminary element for today men fashion.

These days, cuff-links have become intensely popular and give the wearer a unique style and fashion. In start, cuff links were very expensive but now are available on cheap prices. There are many types and sizes of cufflinks available in market these days. The most common and widely used is the hinged back cufflink. This type of cufflink has one decorative side while other helps to close the cuff with swivel bar. The decorative part of cufflinks has different kind of designs, such as jeweled studs, diamonds, ornate gold, novelty designs and much more. There are many other types of cufflinks available in the market such as dumbbell cufflinks and silk knot.

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