Learn about collar stays

Most of the people are ignorant about the existence of the collar stays whereas others simply do not know its importance. Actually, collar stays are small strips of metal or plastic that is inserted into the collar flips in a dress shirt. You might be wondering that what is its importance, well it ensures that the shirt collar stays straight and flat against the collarbone. Without collar stays, the collar generally develops wrinkles and ends up disheveled.

Collar stays are designed to give a crisp and perfect look but depending on how they are treated and of what material they are made of, they can certainly do more harm than any good. There are two kinds of collar stays, sewn in and removable. Both have their pros and cons. The big advantage of sewn collar stays is that there is no chance of getting it lost while in removable collar stays the user is always looking to keep the collar stays safe.

In sewn collar stays the disadvantage is that while drying the shirt in dryer, the heat causes the collar stays to curl up resulting in ill shaped collar. While ironing also, sewn in stays are sometimes melted or are ruined due to intense heat. However, these kinds of problems are not faced in removable stays. But in removable collar stays the biggest problem is of getting it lost. If you are ordering custom dress shirt then remember to ask for sewn in metal collar stays.

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