How to wear and care a french cuff

French cuffs also known as double cuffs are used in dress shirts’ sleeve endings to tie the sleeve endings in form of cuffs. French cuff dress shirts are typically worn during formal events such as high-end meetings, weddings and black-tie parties. For fashion savvy people, French cuffs are the most formal dress shirt cuff design option, appropriate for eveningwear as well as for daily wear.

How to wear French cuffs

In order to wear French cuffs, spread the extra cuff flaps over your both hands. Then pull the flaps upwards to fold it back. Make sure that the buttonholes are perfectly aligned. Get a pair of cufflinks or knot closures, hold the cuff in place and insert the links into buttonholes, then close them. Cufflinks and silk knots are available in huge variety of colors and designs that allows you to coordinate colors with your tie and shirt. Never wear French cuffs open and loose without cufflinks or knot closures. It is considered unfashionable.

How to iron French cuffs

To get highest-quality luxury appearance of a French cuff, you will need to iron it carefully.

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