How to check dress shirt quality

Ordering a custom dress shirt is one of the wisest things you have ever done in your wardrobe selection. Custom dress shirt perfectly fit on the wearer’s body while ensuring high quality fabric. Custom shirts are mostly stitched from scratch using the paper sketch provided by customer. Custom shirts manufacturers generally have highly experienced tailors who know the real art of tailoring. Therefore, difference in size or quality is not expected, but in rare cases, it does happen. In these types of scenarios or in general also, the customers should know to check the size or quality of custom dress shirt.

Checking the size and proportion

When you as a customer receive the custom dress shirt, first you should unpack it and check its size and proportion. Properly wear the shirt and make sure that it is fully buttoned up, including cuffs. The first thing to check is the collar size; it can be easily measured by sliding two fingers between your neck and collar. If you are able to easily slide your fingers then collar size is appropriate. Then move towards sleeves. The sleeves should be sufficiently long, so that when you move your arm in any direction, the cuffs do not slide up your wrist.

To check the length of the shirt, wear your pants where you generally buckle them and stretch your arms upwards while keeping shirt untucked. Your pant's belt should not be visible when your arms are stretched, which ensures the correct length of shirt. In next step, tuck in your custom dress shirt and move your upper body while keeping lower body static. If you can easily move without any difficulty then the chest and waist of your shirt is also according to measurements.

Checking the quality

Always remember that fine quality dress shirts are made of two-ply, which makes the fabric soft, less wrinkled and durable. To check the quality of fabric, inspect the layer running down the side of dress shirt, check its softness and confirm that it does not wrinkle. For striped shirts, you should check stripes’ alignment. The buttons of custom made shirt should also be thick with fine finishing and sewn with cross-locked stitch.

When you have checked all above-mentioned things, then it is for sure that custom dress shirt is according to the measurements that you provided.

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