Tips for caring dress shirts

Buying perfect dress shirt is not a big deal but caring about the shirt surly is. Dress shirts are not like other casual shirts or T-shirts. When dress shirts are left uncared, soon the new look and durability of shirt is ruined. Caring about dress shirts is like caring of an investment, giving little attention will make its durability longer, and will keep it attractive in the years to come.

Most of the people are used to send their dress shirts to dry cleaners. With passage of time, the use of chemicals and starch damage the shirt fabric by weakening it. Use of starch also sometimes leaves yellow tints on the shirt which becomes permanent with ironing. If you are one of those people who are used to send their clothing and apparel to drycleaners then specially request the drycleaners not to use starch and excessive chemicals. Best way to care about dress shirts is to first read the tag for safety instructions. Usually home laundering in cold water is the best option to care for your apparels. If you need to use starch at home then remember to keep the quantity at minimum level while using it only on areas that truly need it.

Before ironing your shirt, make sure that there are no stains, as ironing on stains make them permanent. While ironing its better to make the shirt little damp, as it is easier to remove wrinkles and less chances of damaging the shirt. Spraying scents and colognes directly on shirt makes stains. It is advisable to spray it while keeping a good distance or just spray on hidden parts of shirt. With proper care, dress shirts last much longer and save your money.

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