Hidden risks associated with wrinkles

When wrinkle-free or non-iron clothing made its debut, for many people it was just like a gift from heaven. However, keeping all biasness and sartorial claims aside, we state that the wrinkle free clothing may pose a threat to your health. Now carefully watch for our words, we say that wrinkle free clothing "may" cause harmful effects on your health. Up till now there are no certain legal or scientific standpoints.

Wrinkle free clothing contains toxic chemicals

What we are stating here is that most of the synthetic fibers used to produce wrinkle free clothing are treated with chemicals that should not get in contact with your skin. Chemicals like formaldehyde, perfluorinated or PFCs with Teflon and sulphuric acid are highly dangerous for human skin. These chemicals, even in tiny amounts can cause headaches, breathing problems, skin and eye irritation.

Researches are still inconclusive

Wrinkle free clothing production companies do claim that all of these toxic chemicals are processed to make them safe for human exposure. However, according to some researches, the garment workers exposed to formaldehyde resin on job are more likely to develop cancer and other diseases, but these results are inconclusive. Formaldehyde actually comes from resin, which has been used in making of various wood and plastic products, without creating any serious health problems.

According to dermatologists, it has been reported that exposure to formaldehyde resin has increased the number of skin diseases. Following this report a lawsuit was also filed against Victoria's secret in 2008, claiming that formaldehyde resin used in bras has caused wearers to have skin rashes, but nothing is heard about court verdict or settlement.

It is whole-heartedly advised to all of the customers that it is better to remain away from wrinkle free clothing, whether it is custom dress shirts or trouser. If you are still not convinced then it is advised to do some research on this topic. In the end, you will be wiling to iron your shirts rather than wearing wrinkle free shirts.

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