Herringbone Fabric Dress Shirt

Herringbone is a fabric with distinctive pattern that consists of slanted parallel lines of short rows. The rows are oriented in opposition to each other that cause slanted lines to form a dense pattern of chevrons. The pattern is named after herring fish that is famous for its bony physique. Herringbone pattern depends on the personal taste as it can be made up of different colors or textures in order to make lines stand out.

Herringbone dress shirts come from the family of twill fabric but have a noticeable V-shaped pattern. Generally, herringbone fabric is not used for dress shirts because of nature of its fabric. It is most commonly used in suits and outerwear in winter seasons. However, if one opts for herringbone dress shirt, it looks great on solid colors.

The method of weave in herringbone creates the perfect illusion of a fine looking and meticulous finish. If herringbone dress shirt is compared with oxford dress shirt, in first look herringbone appears to be thicker, but after careful inspection of both, one concludes that herringbone fabric dress shirt has a smoother feel and dressier look than oxford fabric dress shirt. Dress shirts made of herringbone are symbol of superiority and elite class due to its expensive fabric and rarity in the market.

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