French cuff clothing and use of french cuffs

The history of French cuffs takes us back to the 18th century in France, where the legend says that the Count of Monte-Cristo's Baron Danglars first wore a French Cuffs. It has been said that he was quite of a fashion deviant person and love to try new and unique fashion styles. French cuffs were one of his styles that continued its journey until now. Even today and after following more than a century and a half, the French cuffs are mostly found on high quality formal dress shirts. French cuffs make the wearer to showcase his own sense of style and individuality.

French cuff clothing

French cuffs are one of the styles that have been followed all over the world. In some areas it is called double cuffs. French cuffs are basically used in dress shirts' sleeve endings to tie the sleeve endings in form of cuffs. Previously French cuff dress shirts were typically worn during formal events such as high-end meetings, weddings and black-tie parties. However, as the men are becoming fashion savvy, they consider French cuffs for almost all kinds of shirt and wear them in offices, parties and get-togethers.

Wearing French cuffs

Wearing French cuffs is not a difficult task at all but for the ease of laymen, we have discussed here how to wear French cuffs in style. First of all, you would need to wear the shirt then open and spread the cuff flaps over your hands. Carefully pull back the flaps to fold it over the remaining cuff while showing the inside out. Adjust the buttonholes to make the fold even from all sides. Now fetch a pair of cufflinks or silk knots to close the French cuffs as there are no buttons in it. Hold the buttonholes in place while insert the cufflinks into it and lock them. To rock in style, match your cufflinks with your suit, tie, belt or any dominant color of your attire.