Tips for folding the dress shirts

Although hanging dress shirts is the best way to keep wrinkles out of shirts. However, many men do not have enough space in their wardrobe to hang all of the clothes in same place. If you know how to perfectly fold a shirt then it can be a great alternative to hanging dress shirts. Folded shirts save a lot of space in wardrobe and gives room to other apparels.

Folding shirts is not a big deal but surly is a technique, which is hard to master. In order to fold a shirt, first find a plain and clean surface where you can place the shirt for folding. Ensure that shirt is fully is buttoned up including the top one. Now place the shirt upside down with collar and placket facing the surface. Now fold about one-third of right side of shirt body towards the center of shirt. The fold line should start from the center of shoulder and ends at the tail. You will be now seeing back of your shirt with one-third of front side folded back. Then neatly fold the sleeve forward creating an angled fold at shoulder. The cuff should be facing towards the tail of the shirt while sleeve should line up with the edge of first fold. Repeat the same process with care for the left side as well while carefully watching for wrinkles.

Now fold up the tail of the shirt for about 6 to 8 inches. You will be seeing the lowest button of the placket. Again, fold up the bottom of partially folded shirt up to the collar while removing all wrinkles. You have successfully folded your dress shirt, turn the entire shirt over and you will be seeing a neatly folded shirt, as seen in professional laundry.

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