End-On-End Fabric

The end on end fabric is closely woven with alternating one colored thread with one white thread. The colored thread is warp and the weft thread is always white. The end on end fabric gives solid color impression from distance but in close up view, a more intricate pattern is revealed.

End on end fabric is also known as Chambray, was originated in France, and was first used to create sunbonnets. Nowadays the fabric has mini checkered effect with smooth texture and looks great on formal dress shirts. The best end on end fabric quality is achieved with two fold 100s that retains coolness and softness. There are many qualities of end on end fabric as it has quite a subtle sheen that makes it dressy enough. The colors are also not dark or solid due to white weft in the fabric. The most popular colors in end on end fabric are blue, pink, purple, etc.

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