Contemporary Dress Shirt Pocket Styles

Dress shirt breast pockets have been one of the controversial issues among many fashion and style circles. Some advocate against shirt pockets that they decreases the formalness of the shirt while others are in its favor as it adds depth to the shirt. Well until now, this style has neither been declared as fashion offence nor a major fashion attribute.


Dress shirt pocket is always added on the left side of the shirt and the basic reason of pocket is to add aesthetic value in shirt rather than for practical use. Among fashion enthusiasts, who favors the breast pockets are of the view that it adds depth to the front side of shirt. Especially double breast pockets accentuate the chest that makes men more attractive to the opposite sex.

Pocket Styles

According to the type and style of a dress shirt, different types of pockets or no pockets are used. For a highly formal look, it is recommended that to have a shirt without pocket, as it gives a cleaner and simpler look. However, dress shirt pockets are widely accepted in official and other formal environments.

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