Dress shirt front placket

Most of the men either do not know or neglect the importance of dress shirt front placket. When buying or customizing the shirt, they never care about the front placket. However, the front placket is very important part of a dress shirt as it is one of the most exposed parts of shirt. Collar is the main and most exposed part of a dress shirt as it is located right below the face of the wearer. Right below the collar, front placket starts and goes down to the end. It is located in vertical position on the front center of dress shirt. On one side of placket, buttons are located and on other, the buttonholes are.

The design and style of placket plays the major role in the appearance of a dress shirt. A poorly designed placket will ruin the whole grace and look of the shirt. So, while buying or customizing a custom dress shirt, always watch for front placket.

Generally, there are three designs popular among men these days. The first is of centre placket in which a separate placket is sewn in centre and on it there are buttons. In second style, there is no placket, which means the buttons are stitched on the end of the main dress shirt fabric. In third style, the placket is hidden under an extra covering piece of garment, which hides the button and buttonholes beneath.

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