Double button collar dress shirt

We have many times discussed about the involvement of men in fashion and style is increasing at a great speed. Now every ordinary man is looking for a style that will set him apart from the crowd. Every year or every season brings new fashion and styles with it. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the fashion has become a common necessity of man. Some years ago, the trend of being casual every time was on surge while we saw every man dressed in casual terms. Then the trend of being highly formal every time take into place, while men were seen dressed in black tie attire for a simple weekend party.

Trend of the Year

This year has also continued its tradition like previous years, but has its own new trend and style. This year men are looking for formal dressing with a significant touch of casualness. They have bid goodbye to tie for being necessary for any event. Only at selected and black tie events, men adhere to ties. Men have made their formal dressing casual by wearing sports jacket rather than double-breasted suits. Funky dress shoes replace purely official dress shoes. Belts have also become more depictive.

Perfect styling option

Mens dress shirts are the main victim this year. You will be seeing a lot of variety in dress shirts this year. Online custom shirt makers like Fit Custom Shirts are great contributors in the variety of dress shirts. Among other varieties, the most visible style is the double button collar dress shirts. This trend just takes the surge when some of the renowned celebrities showed up in different events in dress shirts with two buttons on collars. Their collarbones and base types were of higher length due to two buttons that also allowed most portion of the collar to be clearly visible in double-breasted suits. In these shirts, the collar has two buttons rather than one. This two-button option has also made the band of the collar quite wider.

Now men are only looking for two collar button dress shirts, in which they can add little bit of casualness without tie while keeping the upper button open. Apparently, this style does not seem to be extra ordinarily exceptional but when one sees it then he realizes the edge of this style.