Dobby Dress Shirts

Dobby is a patterned fabric and has weaves like of Jacquard. Dobby weave is created on special dobby machines, which selectively raises some warp threads while depress others to make unique textures. Dobby weave patterns may include squares, diamonds, stripes, swirls, animal or bird figures, insignias and flowers. In dobby fabric, the weaves are slightly raised instead of giving smooth finish, this make the fabric to have stripes and checks.

Dobby dress shirts quite resemble to Jacquard fabric but keep its distinctive value as less intricate and more quickly woven. These dress shirts are quite durable and have high quality, due to its weave nature. Another plus point of dobby fabric is that it can be dyed in almost all types of different colors, which is the most significant advantage.

As said earlier, its weave is not plain and have texture that make it less susceptible to wrinkles and make it a best choice for wearer. Dobby fabric is not only used in dress shirts but also in various other clothing and upholstery items. Good quality Polo shirts and trousers are also made up of dobby fabric.

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