Different kind of manmade and manufactured fabrics

Fabrics like broadcloth, oxford, cotton, twill, pinpoint, wool, etc are the popular fabrics and contains the major percentage in clothing articles. However, whole properties of these fabrics are changed if small percentage of other fabrics is added. Let us have a look on some of the manmade and manufactured fabrics, which are very important but unknown to many.


Acetate can be extruded into different fibers of different diameter and woven into fabrics, which have luxurious looks of silk but is not actually a silk. It is not a strong fiber but its property of mixing with other fibers is great. Acetate is not able to absorb moisture quickly but it also dries fast and highly resists shrinking. It is easily pliable and soft with good quality drape and resists wrinkling. An improved form of acetate is Triacetate that does not melt easily and is easier to take care of.


Acrylic is another soft, fine and luxurious fabric, which is also lightweight and springy. Acrylic is non-allergenic, draws away moisture of body, dries quickly and is easily washable. The fabric properties of acrylic do not even allows it to take even a moderate amount of heat. Modacrylics are much flame resistant and are used as fake fur for fabrics.


In 1940 Nylon was added in household vocabulary when it was knitted in hosiery. It became highly popular in 1942 when armed forces needed parachutes, combat uniforms, flak vests, tires and many other vital military uses. Nylon was not available to general public until the war was over. However, when it made its appearance in public, it instantly gained popularity as one of the most versatile fabric. It is very strong than above mentioned fabrics but weighs less than other fibers. Nylon has smooth surface, does not absorb, dries quickly and is not weakened by chemicals or perspirants.


Polyester is another strong fiber, resistant to crease and keep its shape. Polyester is considered as a versatile and important manmade fabric. Polyester superbly blends with cotton and gives a permanent press property with extended wear.

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