Cutaway Collars for dress shirts

Men of today are quite fashion oriented and opts for different collar styles. Among most of the famous collars, cutaway collar is one of them. In cutaway collar the points of each side spreads apart facing away from each other, angling back towards the shoulder rather than down. The between both the sides of collar varies according to different specifications but essentially it is an extra wide version of spread collar.

The cutaway collar was first introduced in first half of 18th century by the Duke of Kent. Some people are of the view that the history of cutaway collars goes further back but it became popular by duke of Kent. The cutaway collar has made a come back as in past it was worn by royals only. According to latest research, cutaway collar is considered as the collar of choice in Italy and Britain for years.

The points of cutaway collar usually angles out from face. The cutaway can also have a straight or curved edge, which again depends on the specifications of the user or designer. Basically, cutaway collar belongs to the family of spread collars. Cutaway collar is one of the most popular collars; one reason to this is due to the fact that it reveals most of the upper shirt area.

This collar can be worn easily with or without a tie but wearing a double knot tie is best suited. Men with thin or long face are advised to wear this collar as it suits best and minimize the long feature of face.

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