Custom dress shirts for sports

With the corporate dress code getting casual in United States, sports dress shirts have started getting immense popularity. A sports dress shirt can have many different styles and can be worn with almost anything. Sports dress shirts can be long or short sleeved, they can be of polyester, cotton or of any other blend, and they can have solid colors or wild prints. Sports custom dress shirts can be worn with blazers, jeans, shorts, khakis, v-neck sweater, sleeveless sweater or anything. The basic reason of sports dress shirts is to be versatile and express colors and distinctive styles.

If we go back in history, the concept of custom sports dress shirts started when Polo players have to wear dress shirts while playing. This cause the players' disturbance and hindrance, due to the jumps on horse. In order to play with ease, they simply customized the shirts starting with button down collars as regular dress shirts collar hinders the vision of player.

It can be easily guessed that button down shirts are least formal dress shirts, but add a perfect variety in men's wardrobe. Other dress shirts are designed for formal business wear while button down is designed to be worn on several occasions.

Styling Options

With button down dress shirts, men can look awesome by wearing a light color button down dress shirt with cotton or khaki trouser and black polished shoes. Button down dress shirts can be worn at almost all situations, whether it is a friend’s party, birthday, going out with wife or girlfriend, or on holiday and planning for a picnic, button down dress shirt is the best bet. With perfect aesthetic sense, one can rock the floor by adopting different styles with button down shirts.

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