Curved Collar Dress Shirts

There is no shortage of options if you are looking for business shirts, as there are endless variations in it. One can easily achieve a distinctive look by simply changing the different attributes of a shirt like fabric, buttons, threads, yoke, placket, cuffs, cut, etc. Apart from all these attributes, collar is the most distinctive and common attribute which defines the style, fashion and look of a shirt. Opting for a curved collar is a wise choice as it is being considered trendy and getting popularity in fashion business wear.

Curved collar is a straight collar from outside and curves from inside, away from the face. Opting curved collar may bring subtle difference in you while setting you apart from the typical classic collar look. Curved collar shirt will give an edgier look while gracefully maintaining the clean finish of formal dressing. Curved collar has many similarities with cutaway collar as it suits with traditional tie coupled with a double Windsor knot. One can combine the curved collar with French cuffs and athletic fit that will give you a perfect style.

Men will be unable to find the curved collar in ready-made shirts, as they are only stitched with classical collars. To get hands on a perfect shirt with curved collar, one would need to get it from online custom shirt makers. Fit Custom Shirts is one of the reputed custom shirt makers who are renowned for their exceptional custom shirts with full customization options like collars, cuffs, pleats, placket, yoke, fitting, etc.

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