Cotton Fabric Properties

Cotton based fabrics are the most commonly used clothing items. Most of the clothing products do have some percentage of cotton in one way or another. More than 50 percent of apparels have cotton as the major fiber. The huge popularity and usage of cotton clothing is due to its properties, which makes the best clothing for humans. Cotton is durable, comfortable, soft and the superior fiber in clothing manufacturing.

Cotton has different kind of physical properties depending on its fineness and length of fiber. Longer cotton fibers are considered as the higher quality and only have 3 percent production worldwide. This production is reserved for high quality and expensive shirts. The other property of cotton is its fineness, which is estimated according to fiber's diameter. Immature fibers are 20 percent thinner than mature fibers. Immature fibers are less strong, high-end producers separate the mature and immature fibers to ensure high durability.

Properties of Cotton

First and most important property of cotton fabric is its absorbency. Cotton absorbs moisture from skin and evaporates it, which makes it very comfortable in hot weathers. Second property of cotton is its heat conduction, heat freely passes through the cotton and when this property is combined with its absorption property, you get an unbeatable fabric for summer season. However, these properties are weaknesses of cotton in winter season, as it cannot retain body heat.

Cotton fabrics are tend to have wrinkles and do not hold their shape well. This problem is resolved by treating it with other man-made fibers. Cotton is also a tough fiber as compared to other common fibers. Its toughness is increased in water, which means lot of ironing. Cotton's molecular structure easily resists heat damage, so ironing strongly makes it crisp looking fabric.


Cotton has clothed humanity for innumerable centuries and is a renewable resource. These days we tend to buy different popular fabrics but never give a thought that almost all fabrics do contain cotton in themselves. If you are also looking to buy a cotton dress shirt then your ultimate resort is fit custom shirts, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of high quality custom dress shirts.

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