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While buying readymade shirts from local markets, people prefer one brand over another due to the difference in fabric quality, stitching and style. Same is the case with custom shirt makers, there are many online custom shirt makers but very few of them know the real art of stitching custom dress shirt. Stitching a perfect dress shirt is not about just plainly stitch it like other readymade shirts. Custom dress shirts need to be stitched very carefully while keeping a keen eye over every aspect and attribute of it.

Dress Shirt Fitting

Fitting should always be accurate while watching for every single inch. The seams of shirt should be in perfect shape, preferably with single needle stitching. the tricky part in custom dress shirts is to stitch a shirt that perfectly fits on the wearer, this can be only achieved by taking measurements of all body parts including, neck, sleeve, cuffs, chest, shoulder and waist size. There are generally three types of custom dress shirt fittings that are athletic, regular and loose fit shirts. Athletic shirts are for men who like tight fitting while showing their well-developed muscles. Regular shirts are normally called formal dress shirts as men with average body size wear them in offices and other formal occasions. Loose or full shirts are loosest of all dress shirts. Normally men with fat tummy or of large stature wear these shirts and these shirts are also longer than other shirts.


For the designing of a dress shirt, the style is the most important thing as the style of a dress shirt defines the overall design. To design a shirt you will need to devise its attributes, which are perfect collar, cuffs and pocket style. In collars, there are literally innumerable designs and styles. The collar of shirt decides the extent of craftsmanship, 3-ply lining and grade collarbones make it sturdy and rich that would keep collar comfortable and stable. Most famous collar styles are: Straight-point collar is popular in English dress shirts with V-shaped points. Button-down collar is less formal in dress shirts as the collar is made of softer fabric. There are also many other collar types like spread, cutaway, wing, tab, club, pinned, etc.


Like collars, there are many styles in cuffs. Cuffs are another important attribute to take extra care of, as it have to bear considerable amount of movement. Only expert and best custom shirt maker can design a perfect cuff that would give least amount of friction, irritation and would result in least depreciation of fabric. Mostly used cuff style is Barrel cuff, also known as button cuff. The other cuff style that is considered more formal is French or double cuff. It has fabric that is long and folds back and closed with cufflink or silk knot.

Other Styling Options

Besides accurate stitching, availability of wide variety of designs and styles in collars and cuffs, it is also important to have specialization in other styles to become a custom shirt maker. The dress shirt placket, sleeve joint, pocket, smooth seams, matched patterns, buttons, etc are also very important aspect of dress shirt to take care of. Only best custom shirt maker like Fit Custom Shirts can make all this happen. As Fit Custom Shirts have state of the art machines operated by highly experienced tailors. It constantly strive to use highest quality available in fabric, thread, buttons, buckram and stays, while getting it stitched from the best tailors available.

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