Banded collars

Banded collars also known as mandarin collar is a short unfolded stand up collar style used in shirts and jackets. Banded collars generally start from neckline and have length of 2 to 5 centimeters. Its origin goes back to imperial China. The length of the collar is straight with rounded or straight edges. The points of this collar barely meet each other and in some types, points slightly overlap. The banded collar points that overlap generally have button on it to secure the both points of collar.

Uses of Banded Collar

This collar style is also found in some modern Indian clothing known as Nehru collar, named after the prime minister who was fond of wearing this collar. Some banded collar shirts are designed in such a way that detachable collar can also be used on it. Since the banded collar is short and does not fold over, that is why neckties are usually worn with it. Banded collar is accepted socially and usually worn in white tie functions. In royal events like ballets, opera and balls, the participants and guests have to strictly adhere to the dress codes prescribed. In these occasions, the most formal dress is worn with banded collar dress shirts. Men usually wears tuxedo shirt with banded collar supported with bowtie. In these types of events, it is compulsory for men to wear banded or wing collar dress shirt, preferably of white color.

In black tie occasions, the formality is less strict than white tie as people who do not have banded collar can opt other collars. Besides the use of banded collars in dress shirts, these collars are also used in military uniforms, which help the soldiers to avoid chafing and feel at ease while having full body armor. Eastern Catholic clergies also wear cassock as their official dress, which have banded collar on it. Although banded collars are not used daily in official business dressing but it have a strong place in other dressing from ancient times.

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