Royal Oxford custom dress shirts

Royal oxford shirts are considered appropriate to wear for formal business occasions. This applies in particular to designs simpler: a plain white shirt Royal Oxford will look very distinguished in a business meeting of great power. French cuffs are a great complement to the splendor of the royal oxford fabric. Royal Oxford has originated in the late 19th century in England and is famous for its smoothness, texture and exceptional brightness.

Qualities of Royal Oxford Fabric

There are many types of royal oxford fabrics available in market in terms of their fabric quality. It can be said that smoother the cloth, higher the quality. The smoothness of the cloth highly depends on the yarn numbers. Yarn numbers range from 30s to 200s.

The 120s type is considered as the high quality and most commonly used royal oxford dress shirt. You might have seen the shirt fabrics being described as 50s, 80s, 100s, 120s, 140s, etc. These numbers actually refers to the thickness of the yarn. Follow the simple rule that lower the number, thicker the yarn and higher the number, finer the yarn.

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