Pin Collar Dress Shirt

Stylish and elegant, the pinned collar dress shirt is a favorite of many styles available for men. This article was written to help you better understand about the pinned collar. What makes the pinned collar different and favorite from all other collar styles? What exactly the pinned collar style is? Should you even consider wearing pinned collar? If yes, then which is the right pin collar style is for you? These are some of the issues we discuss.

Rounded Pin Collar

what is the purpose of pin collar.

The pin is another piece of jewelry for men, so you can consider the pinned collar shirt to be more "dressed" collar button, but not as "dressed" like a winged collar. The purpose of the collar pin is twofold: pin brings the collar tabs closer together; making for a decorative and unique look and secondly, the pin supports the knot of the necktie which makes the tie appears more prominent. Always wear a necktie with pinned collar dress shirt. You can forego using a pin and wear the shirt collar like a normal one . Do not wear a collar without a tie pin. It seems ridiculous

Styles of the collar pin

Style safety pin is like a safety pin a mother would traditionally use to pin together a baby's diaper. However, the safety pin style is far from its "double". Although the mechanics of style are identical to the safety pin used to hold together the layers in diapers, you can be assured that the resemblance is anything but the producers of this style are certain to design and produce a piece of costume jewelry ornaments. To use this style collar pin, simply push the sharp side as you would with a safety pin and push it through the collar tabs and safe the item back in its holster. The dumbbell pin-style collar is like a miniature barbell. Usually one end of the dumbbell-style collar pin is threaded with fine threads. It features the same style as the safety pin style as it passes through the collars. However, the ends of this collar pins are so dull. The collar pin style dumbbell requires a shirt with metal aligned holes in the collar tabs. To use the dumbbell collar pin you carefully unscrew the removable end (make sure not to drop this little bit, but vital, because it will be difficult to find). Slide the needle through the pin holes of the collar tabs and screws on the rear end of the thread.

Clip style pin collar, unlike the previous two, is based on the clips to pull the collar style in. The collar pin style grabs hold the edges of the collar tabs and pulls them towards each other. However, pin-style clip collar is not as reliable as and safer than the other two. Why? The clips can be detached and you could lose the pin collar. To wear the collar pin style clip, attach one end and pull it toward the center. After that, pull the other tab collar and tie to pin collar.

Consider a pin collar to be like cufflinks. When you put your next outfit, keep in mind the complementary colors. Collar pins, are either gold or silver finish. The finish must be properly chosen to add to your outfit (but may be subtle). Which metal finish goes best with your outfit? It depends on your personal style that is acquired and improved with effort and time. Generally, the metal finish should compliment a belt buckle or a wristwatch. Though, Gold looks good with gold and silver looks good with silver.